2660 days … and counting

Mar 1, 2023 | 3000 days

Today’s note is a beautiful poem “Cool it” written by Toby Fay in response to viewing the “3000 days …” scroll.  Toby lives in London and I have used excerpts of his evocative poems in previous exhibitions.  He has captured the intent of the scroll perfectly.

Cool it

The scroll of species unfurled across the world’s curved surface,
Filled with wrought drawings and paintings in daily additions
Until extinction from this blue oasis by our fraught warming.

The scroll of species unfurled reveals exquisite artwork matching Mother Nature in beauty and form along the parchment timeline
Trying to wake us up to the harsh reality looming ever closer,

Until the paper itself scorches and burns alive those insects and plants
And the blue oasis turns red to lighten space darkness, a second Venus;
Most beautiful goddess be our warning star: she pleads to stop us.