2629 days … and counting

Apr 1, 2023 | 3000 days

A few days ago, on Earth Hour Day (26 March 2023), I completed the final drawing on the first scroll.  It now has 365 images on it, and I have started work on the second scroll.

The first scroll I am going to call “Biodiversity” because it is a kaleidoscope of plants and colours and that’s what nature is all about.

Biodiversity tells a story – the blending of plants on the scroll reflects what occurs in nature in a healthy biodiverse habitat.

In nature, there is no formal landscaping or planning.  Mother Nature just throws it out there and lets the plants, animals, insects and fungi find their own space, and they create their own little worlds … and it works!  Sure, there is competition, but it is not controlled in the way people mould and control in order to “tame” and “tidy up” the natural environment.

The second scroll I have yet to name.  It will still include plants and I will continue doing a drawing a day; however, it will have a slightly different look to it.  I am incorporating a graph of the changes in global temperatures from 1880 to the present time into the new scroll.  I have drawn on information from NASA and have the average global temperature for every year since 1880.  This is a bit of an experiment, so it will be interesting to see how it progresses.  Stay tuned!