The restrictions on businesses because of the coronavirus means the some galleries exhibiting my work might be closed.  You will still be able to see these works digitally if you go to the website for that gallery.  Alternatively, you can see these works in the Gallery on my website, or contact me directly to access the works.

upComing events

2024:  14 March.  “3000 days … and counting … A botanical artist’s response to climate change”.  A talk at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.  Canberra, Australia.


2024: 21 March.   “Really Big Artworks – why do them?”.  A talk to the Arts National – Molongolo Group.  Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia.


2024:  22 June.  Presentation of the scroll and discussion for the Ginninderry Conservation Trust at The Link.  Ginninderry, ACT, Australia.


2024:  June. “3000 days … and counting … Making a difference through your art”. A virtual talk to the American Society of Botanical Artists. USA.


2024:  October.  Live presentation and talk on the scroll at the American Society of Botanical Artists Conference, Pittsburgh, USA.