2938 days … and counting

Jul 3, 2023 | 3000 days

Do you ever look at a particular plant and wonder how it might fare if it was faced with a hotter … or wetter …  or drier environment?

You know, and I know, that plants are amazing in their ability to adapt to change.  In fact, they are more robust than people – many of them have been around for much longer than us after all!

For example, humans have been on our planet for possible around 6 million years, but if you consider the Banksia,

  • the oldest fossil pollen records date between 65 and 59 million years old,
  • there are fossil leaves between 59 and 56 million years old found in southern New South Wales, and
  • the oldest fossil cones are between 47.8 and 41.2 million years old, found in Western Australia.

That is truly amazing … and it’s definitely something worth pondering.

Banksias’ have successfully adapted to the changes imposed by the globe for millions of years; however, some of them are now struggling because of us.  But, I think they will survive.  Can we adapt as effectively?