2779 days … and counting

Nov 1, 2022 | 3000 days

As of the 1 November 2022, I have completed 221 drawings on my scroll and I have 2779 days and drawings to go.

I took my scroll to New York to present to the American Society of Botanical Artists conference in Tarrytown, New York, at the end of October.  It was well received, having a big impact on some people, enough to generate tears.

The scroll also generated quite a bit of discussion between people who said that it made them think a bit more seriously about climate change, and what they were doing in terms of their daily life and habits.  They also began to think more about their artwork and how it might be used to help educate people about climate change.

I must admit that I was also affected by seeing the scroll – now about 5 metres long – rolled out along the stage.  It looked pretty amazing.  As you can see from this image, people were very interested!